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Refillable Journals

Tons of Beautiful Cover Designs


All of our cover designs are created in house, and we build each refillable, magnetic journal by hand, with care.


A Darisa Tarot:

The Lomisht

This richly illustrated deck is a very special project created by Karen Swartz (Illustrations) and Draque Thompson (Writing & Art Direction).

An 85-card, genderless, anthropomorphic deck, these cards are presented as a translation project from the fantasy

world of Darisa.


Pick Your Page Type, Cover Color, and Spine Tape Color. Refill covers are made from stiff card stock.


Order prints of any of Karen's Illustrations sized to fit either document or poster frames.

Want a different size, or prefer canvas prints, etc? Send us an e-mail and we'll get you a quote!


Our quest markers are repeatable daily quests, laser-engraved in wood, and finished by hand.

Personalize Any Cover

We make it easy to add a monogram, name, or favorite quote to any journal cover design. We can add text to the front or back cover, and even overlap part of the design if you like. We always send color mock-ups before engraving anything, so you know exactly what you are getting!


Karen can create a custom illustrated cover for you!