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Our Refillable Journals Work Like Magic

Magnetic Refillable Journals

Fully Customizable With Over 1,000 Sold!

fancy cover-1-wood-bg.jpg

A Fancy Journal You

Won't Be Afraid To Use!

Never run out of pages

in your favorite journal again!

The wooden covers are durable

and refillable!


Swap-able Page Blocks!

Page blocks for every purpose,

and they're all magnetic!

If you don't see what you need,

we'll make it for you!


Make It Your Own

& Keep It Forever!

Add text, customize one of our existing designs, send us your own art to engrave on the cover, or commission cover art from us!

"This is a gorgeous journal. Absolutely beautiful design, and elegant, sturdy construction. It was easy to order and arrived very quickly in perfect condition. I love that it's refillable. Can't wait to give it to my daughter for Christmas!" - Michelle from ID

See What Our Customers Are Saying

"I absolutely love these books, and these refills! As someone who DMs two games, and plays in two games, I take a lot of notes... or I try to at least. I love the fact that I get to use the same beautiful bear book for each of my games (my favorite animal in my favorite color), and get to have a different book for each of them." - Emily from OR

What's Included With Your Order?


Beautiful Refillable Journal Cover

Full Customization

1st Refill of Your Choice Included

Have Questions About

Customizing Our Journals?

We are happy to walk you through customizing one of our existing designs, ordering your own artwork on a refillable journal cover, commissioning custom artwork, adding clasps or ties to a journal, options for alternative papers for magnetic refills, mixing different color schemes for journal covers, and more. Feel free to drop Karen a line at

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