About Talenshi Studios

We are a team of creators that create beautiful, useful objects to bring a little magic to everyday life!

Karen Swartz

Artist/ Maker

Karen studied Illustration at the Savannah College of Art and Design, and is currently working as a Children's Book Illustrator and was promoting her work at conventions year round before the pandemic. Her illustrations are on the covers of our journals, and she also works on researching and developing new products for us to make together.

Justin Melendez

Scientist/ Maker

Justin is a scientist pursuing his PhD in Genetics! He also does wildlife and product photography, and works on researching and developing new products for us to make together. Often Justin's interest in new materials, and the ensuing experiments lead us to a new, wonderful hand-crafted product that we can share with the world!

We make everything in our home studio (or what some might call a dining room) in St. Louis, MO.

All our journals are engraved on our Glowforge laser that lives in our tiny, well ventilated back room.

Before Covid-19, we vended at roughly 20 conventions and events per year.  For now we are only selling our work online, and waiting for safer times to return to vending in person.

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Customizing Our Journals?

We are happy to walk you through customizing one of our existing designs, ordering your own artwork on a refillable journal cover, commissioning custom artwork, adding clasps or ties to a journal, alternative papers for magnetic refills, mixing different color schemes for journal covers, and more. Feel free to drop Karen a line at karen@talenshistudios.com.