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Narrative & Conceptual Illustration

Owl Guard, Digital, 2018 Personal work

Rainy Harvest (Commissioned Work), Digital, 2020

The Mage Priest, Digital, 2021, Personal Work

Assassin Wren, Digital, 2017 Personal Work

Merlin (Pet Portrait Commission), Digital, 2020

Albus (Pet Portrait Commission), Digital, 2021

Year of the Rooster, Digital, 2017 Personal Work

"The Chronicles of the Mira" cover art, Digital, 2020, commissioned work

The Moneychanger, Digital, 2020, Commissioned Work

Yggdrasil, Digital, 2018 Commissioned Work

Wraparound Cover-GFM, Digital, 2019 Commissioned Work

Aurora Bears, Digital, 2016 Commissioned Work

Aurora Moose, Digital, 2016 Commissioned Work

Lilly & Penny for All Seasons, Digital, 2017 Commissioned Work

Standing Rock, Digital, 2017 Personal Work

Tee Design- GFM, Digital, 2019 Commissioned Work

Emerald Wind Tee, Digital, 2018 Fan Factory Contest Entry

Raccoon Shaman, Digital, 2017 Commissioned Work

YA Book illustration, Digital, 2018 Commissioned Work

Sika Koi, Digital, 2017 Personal Work

Peregrine Fables, Digital, 2017 Personal Work

University Mascots, Digital, 2018 Commissioned Work

Downy Woodmice, Digital, 2017 Personal Work

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Artwork & Design © Karen Swartz

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