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Birds at Arms Pins

The pins from our Birds at Arms Kickstarter are here, and waiting for new homes!

Each soft enamel pin is intricately detailed and comes with a collectible card featuring concept art and lore from the

Birds at Arms world.



It started with a play on words

Years ago, we (Justin and Karen) were browsing Reddit, and

came across "Birds with arms." We got a kick out of it and started thinking about what "Birds at Arms," might look like!


Karen made a handful of drawings exploring the concept,

through the lens of an avian obsessed fantasy illustrator and we eventually started to think about it more as a world-building endeavor than just an interesting conceptual thing to draw.

We now have the mythology and plot outlined with the intention of presenting this world in a graphic novel. Our enamel pin campaigns  will help us raise money to get that started, and we are excited to share more about this world and the characters the story will follow.


"Kingdoms" will be the first book in the series (followed by "Outcasts" and "Firebird") and the pins in the first campaign will be representative of some of the birds you'll meet in the first book.


Kingdoms - The Pins


"Do not let the Firebird into your hearts, for he is jealous of Birdkind.

His is the way of firey death"

All nine pins were unlocked in our Kickstarter campaign! We also hit the stretch goals for

three illustrations: The Mage Priest, The Mercenary, and The King!

Kingdoms - The Lore


Karen made spot illustrations of items for each pin spotlight graphic.

A Mercenary's Helmet
A Blue Miner's pick
The Royal Crown

This project, writing, and artwork          Karen Swartz and Justin Melendez 2020