Any Design, Any Color, Big or Small

We've curated some of our most popular color schemes for each journal cover design, but that doesn't mean your options are limited!

If you don't like one of the options we offer, pick any color scheme from the other designs shown (of the same product and material type of course) and let us know what you want in the order notes.

Example: You order the "Water Dragon" refillable wooden journal in black and gray, but you prefer the red and black color scheme from the "Aurora Bears" cover.

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Bounding Ram Magnetic Wooden Journal, Honey & Ochre

Meet the Founders:

Good morrow friends! We're Karen and Justin!

We love making things that are beautiful, functional, and unexpected!

We try to find magic everywhere, (especially in moss- have you really looked at moss lately??) and we hope the things we create by hand will help inspire you and prime you to see that magic too.

Currently we don't have a brick and mortar location, but we vend at as many conventions, street festivals and Renaissance Faires as we are able.

Read more about our tiny business on the "About Us" page!

About Us