How it started

Years ago, we (Justin and Karen) were browsing Reddit, and came across "Birds with arms." We got a kick out of it and started thinking about what "Birds at Arms," might look like!

Karen made a handful of drawings exploring the concept, through the lens of an avian obsessed fantasy illustrator and we eventually started to think about it more as a world-building endeavor than just an interesting conceptual thing to draw.

Making pins & more

We now have the mythology and plot outlined with the intention of presenting this world in a graphic novel. We hope our enamel pin campaigns will help us raise both funds and hype about our project as we develop it further, and we are excited to share more about this world and the characters the story will follow.

Main Characters

The main story will follow Solin (a Barn Swallow), Bolivere (a Black Vulture), and Penchin (a Rockhopper Penguin) as they steal a cultural artifact they believe is the key to saving the world. If they succeed, they'll have to contend with the fact that almost no one else thinks the world needs saving at all, and there are some very dangerous birds who would love to gain control of the object. Solin really hopes they're doing the right thing.


Our first prequel comic will follow Lizbeth the Lesser Yellow Headed Vulture and introduce the vultures of the Birds at Arms world.

We were inspired by Foxloft Conservancy's ambassador vulture, Severus, to place vultures in the spotlight in our work and try to help show people what wonderful, intelligent, and important creatures they are!

Visit Foxloft at the link below to follow their amazing ambassadors and conservation work! We aren't affiliated with them- we're just super fans.

Foxloft Conservancy

A bit of lore from our world