Artist & Head Bookwitch

Karen Swartz (Talenshi)

Karen is a digital illustrator with a love of birds, fantasy, and all things textural and tactile. Her designs are on the covers of our journals, which she makes by hand, and she also works on researching and developing new products for us to make together.

Scientist & Maker

Dr. Justin Melendez

Justin is a scientist with a PhD in Genetics! He also does wildlife and product photography, and works on researching and developing new treasures for us to make together. Often Justin's curiosity about new materials, and the ensuing experiments lead us to a new, wonderful hand-crafted product that we can share with the world!

Assistant Bookwitch


Rini is a crafting magpie - learning every hobby she can get her hands on. If she’s not casting spells on books at Talenshi Studios; you can find her screen printing her own whimsical designs on shirts, crocheting a blanket, or sticking googly eyes to something.