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All Floral Wyvern Vinyl Stickers (4 total)

All Floral Wyvern Vinyl Stickers (4 total)

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High quality, LARGE, waterproof vinyl stickers.

Includes one of each elemental floral wyvern:

  • 3.5" Fire Wyvern Sticker (Ginger)
  • 3.5" Poison Wyvern Sticker (Nightshade)
  • 3.5" Ice Wyvern Sticker (Cherry)
  • 3.5" Lightning Wyvern Sticker (Thistle)

Call them dragons or wyverns- they're adorable either way! Decorate your device cases, PC tower, notebooks (especially our handmade magnetic refills).

Painted by Karen Swartz/ Talenshi.

Printed locally in St. Louis and cut out by hand.
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